Ch. Aranmore Cara Caitlynn JW'05, CW'07
Dob: 12-1-2005
S: Ned.Belg. Lux.Ch. Daigh Diglach Ón Inis Glas
D: Ch. Niamh Brugh Na Bóinne
Eyetest: O.K.


Caitlynn is our clown! Life is a surprise with her.She amazes us with her smartness. You never now what to expect in showring with her, but in 2005 she became Juniorwinner Amsterdam and in 2007 she surprised us with the titel Clubwinner 2007. The same year she took the 6th place in the Wheaten top 10. In 2009 she became Dutch Champion. She is the mother to our F and G-litter.

Clubwinner 2007

may 2009

Juniorwinner Amsterdam 2005

8 weeks